” Is it not fine to see the development of oneself? The finding of one’s own tastes. The final selection of a most favorite theme; the concentration of all one’s forces on that theme; its development; the constant effort to find its clearest expression in the chosen medium; an effort of expression which commenced with the beginning of the idea, and follows its progress step by step, becoming a technique born of the theme itself and special to it. The continuation through years, new elements entering as life goes on, each step differing, yet all the same. A simple theme on which a life is strung.” The Art Spirit, Robert Henri

Rebecca Carron (°1968, Ghent, Belgium) has been keen on drawing and painting since her childhood. After choosing another professional path with a five years’ stay in Norway, she took up art and painting professionally in 2008. She paints ‘fine art with a rough edge’. Emotions, vitality, atmosphere is what her paintings are about. Her paintings want to express zest for life.


Rebecca Carron is an autodidact in the meaning of not having had a long-term education at a specific school of arts. She did follow her own path of education by choosing short-term trainings from about 2000 til 2010 at local schools and at the ateliers of painters, such as Morten Langhoff, Nick Andrews and Marc Claerbout.

2000-2004: Oslo, Norway
Oil painting
Painting the human figure
History of art

2005-2010: Ghent, Belgium
Oil Painting
Painting the human figure
History of art