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Welkom op de website van kunstschilder Rebecca Carron (°1968, Gent, België). Ze schildert hedendaagse figuratieve kunst, wat ze zelf graag omschrijft als ‘Fijne kunst met een ruw kantje‘. Emoties, vitaliteit, sfeer, dat is waar het in haar schilderijen om gaat. Ontdek het zelf op de verschillende pagina’s op deze site.

Welcome to the site of painter Rebecca Carron (°1968, Ghent, Belgium). She paints contemporary figurative art, what she calls ‘Fine art with a rough edge’. Emotions, vitality, atmosphere is what her paintings are about. Discover this for yourself by going through the pages on the site.

Wil je haar werk in werkelijkheid leren kennen, ga dan naar de Expo pagina en kijk waar ze momenteel of binnenkort tentoon stelt.

Do you want to get acquainted with her work for real, click on the page Expo and look where she is presently exhibiting, or will be in the near future.

Haar schilderijen willen levenslust uitstralen!

Her paintings want to express zest for life!

Rebecca Carron is member of the juried and curated Contemporary Figurative Artist Gallery & Directory.

‘What makes artworks interesting is the precise unnamable sensation particular to a single image. The moods and meanings… creep into our experience without our noticing, sparking directly from the eye to the mood without touching language at all … Something about paints and colors must work on us without conciousness being much involved…’. From ‘What Painting Is’, James Elkins. (with the consent of the author)



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