Olieverfschilderij De Laatste reiziger

Rebecca Carron, De laatste reiziger, olie op doek, 50x40cm, 2014

Carron (°1968, Ghent, Belgium) has been keen on drawing and painting since her childhood. After choosing another professional path, she took up art and painting professionally in 2008. She paints ‘fine art with a rough edge’. Emotions, vitality, atmosphere is what her paintings are about. Portrait painting is one of her preferred genres, besides landscapes and cityscapes.

Powerful brushstrokes and daring colour combinations contribute to the strong expression of some of her portraits. What intrigues Carron time and again, is a certain look, whether or not cast on the spectator and the attitude of the subject. The people portrayed often express a longing for understanding and soul-searching. The cityscapes and landscapes are more subdued, where fine and roughly painted strokes, subtle and more outspoken colours balance each other.

Her paintings want to express zest for life!

‘What makes artworks interesting is the precise unnamable sensation particular to a single image. The moods and meanings… creep into our experience without our noticing, sparking directly from the eye to the mood without touching language at all … Something about paints and colors must work on us without conciousness being much involved…’. From ‘What Painting Is’, James Elkins. (with the consent of the author)

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