Welkom. Je vindt hier ‘Fijne kunst met een ruw kantje‘. Emoties, vitaliteit, sfeer, dat is waar het in de schilderijen om gaat. Ontdek het zelf op de verschillende pagina’s van de site.

Welcome.  What you can find here is ‘Fine art with a rough edge’. Emotions, vitality, atmosphere is what these paintings are about. Look for it yourself by going through the pages of the site.


Wil je kennismaken met (een deel van) dit werk in werkelijkheid, ga dan graag naar het NH Hotel Gent Belfort, Hoogpoort 63, Gent. Daar hangen immers permanent enkele grote werken tentoon.

En… Ga naar de Expo pagina voor de agenda van lopende en nabije tentoonstellingen.

Do you want to get acquainted with this artwork for real, go to he NH Hotel Gent Belfort, Hoogpoort 63, Gent, where thera are some larger artworks permanently on view.

And…Check the Expo page to find out about present and near exhibitions.



‘What makes artworks interesting is the precise unnamable sensation particular to a single image. The moods and meanings… creep into our experience without our noticing, sparking directly from the eye to the mood without touching language at all … Something about paints and colors must work on us without conciousness being much involved…’. From ‘What Painting Is’, James Elkins. (with the consent of the author)


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