Bio – English Summary

Carron was born in Ghent in 1968. She has been keen on drawing and painting since her childhood and she started to draw portraits when she was twelve. Nevertheless, she made an ‘economic’ choice in her studies and, as a result, as well in her professional life (languages and communication). As a consequence she has not taken her art seriously for a long time, even though she kept on painting at irregular times. 2004 meant a landmark  for her with the oil painting ‘Man met indringende blik’. She was about to leave Norway after a five years stay when she painted it in her little appartment in Oslo. The portrait breathes the approaching farewell. At the same time it sparked off a certain artistic belief in herself. Back in Belgium some more years needed to pass, when she at the age of forty decided to divide her time structurally otherwise in favour of painting. Since then, she is painting with discipline and on a regular basis, being convinced that this is the only way to deepen her expression in paint. Since a few years she is regularly exhibiting recent paintings.